Vintage Guitar – Ripsaw and Sawmill Jr review Excerpt:

“For both the Ripsaw and Sawmill Jr, the transition between clean and distorted tones is gradual and changes with string attack. Even with the drive turned full up, the tonal qualities of amp and pickup are clearly identifiable, and at any setting, distortion increases as the strings are plucked harder – responding just like a nice tube amp. Both pedals offered impressive clarity.
Both deliver what is promised – tonal bliss”

-Ray Wuolo, Vintage Guitar

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ToneQuest Report – Sawmill Jr review Excerpt:

“The Sawmill added just the amount of overdriven tone that put the Princeton in Fender/Marshall territory perfectly with more overdrive than a stock Fender amp, yet with the rich fidelity of a Fender and the sustain of a Marshall. Perfect! The beauty of this pedal is that it delivers a classic overdriven tone yet with unadulterated fidelity that doesn’t affect the natural tone of your guitar and amp. We love the Sawmill Jr and its totally unique sound. You will too. We give it our highest recommendation for tone and value.”

-David Wilson

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Tone Quest Report – Ripsaw review excerpts:

“…there isn’t a bad tone in it. Luke makes a point of stressing that the Ripsaw is designed to produce distortion with exceptional clarity. We agree and you know how we feel about clarity. The quality and character of the distortion created by the Ripsaw is lush and rich with no jagged edges or harsh, grinding tones whatsoever. Smooth, with great balance that doesn’t force an EQ notch on the unaffected tone of your guitar and amp, the Ripsaw also doesn’t create hard compression that flattens dynamic touch-sensitivity or give you a case of funnel tone. Recommended”

-David Wilson

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Vintage Guitar review excerpts:

“The Sawmill is what Luke hoped to create – clean tones are super clean and the cleaner distortion make this pedal a joy to play. Hearing the articulation, regardless of distortion or overdrive tone settings, is a wonderful thing…. it flat-out sounds killer.”

-Sean O’Bryan Smith, Vintage Guitar, November 2010 page 140

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“This is an amazing sounding pedal…everybody should get one.”

-Julio Miranda Jr. Composer of “Falsetto” guitar solo


“What a wonderful new approach to OD units! If you are a pedal warrior, the Sawmill is a must-have for your arsenal!”

-Jimmy Hamby Guitar player – FOM, Free Chapel Worship Center, The Father’s House