Sawmill Jr – medium light overdrive

A patented design, the Sawmill Jr. is a medium-light overdrive designed to react like your tube amp, delivering extreme dynamics with an internal +/- 15V power supply allowing for super high headroom. The Sawmill Jr. is Mosfet based, containing both internal bias for the locating the Mosfet’s “Sweet Spot” and circuitry for cancelling non-musical intermods. Clean boost, soft breakup, or full on overdrive based on your settings for Drive and Volume.

This pedal is the embodiment of what clarity in an overdrive should be, and responds to the players pick attack allowing for a wide tonal range and touch sensitivity. Whether you’re playing a Strat, Tele, Les Paul or switching between humbuckers or single coils, we are confident that this pedal will allow you to achieve stunningly pristine drive tones with minimal, if any adjustments. Do your rig a favor and pick up a Saw Mill Jr. today!


  • Drive Control – Sets level into the overdrive circuitry
  • Tone Control  – Variable Lowpass filter, post distortion
  • Bass Cut Switch – Switchable highpass filter, pre-distortion
  • Volume Control – Controls the output volume, post distortion.
  • True Bypass
  • Constructed from premium components
  • Powder coated steel case
  • Internal switching power for internal +/-15V supply for maximum headroom

Power: 9V 145 mA

Dimensions: Width 2 ¾” x Length 4 ¾” x Height 2 3/8”

Weight: 14 oz

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