At Gizmoaudio we seek to create new designs that are not based on clones. For our first set of designs we have concentrated on overdrive and distortion that maintain clarity even with heavy distortion and have high headroom for increased touch sensitivity. As proof of our innovation we have been awarded a patent on the Sawmill Jr overdrive.

With a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering degree from the Georgia Institute of Technology and 40 years of design experience in everything from stealth radar technology, satellite communication systems, medical electronics using radio waves for cutting and cauterizing, and oil exploration electronics, we certainly have enough experience to think outside the box and not just copy something we found on the internet. We realize there are other innovators in the pedal business and we all need people to award this innovation instead of just going for the cheapest clone from a copied design.

I have been a musician and played in bands since high school in the 60′s and grew up watching the Allman Brothers playing in Piedmont Park. I also saw Jimi Hendrix at the Atlanta Municipal Auditorium.

I now am primarily a bass player and play with my daughter around the Atlanta area. I also play bass at Cross Church.

With your support we will continue to produce new designs and raise the standard in design.

Charles Luke